Fire Department

George Tamborelle

Fire Chief

Village of Cayuga Heights Fire Department
Ronald E. Anderson Fire Station
194 Pleasant Grove Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Contact Information:
George Tamborelle, Chief
Phone: (607) 266-7454

Fire Department Website:
Fire Department Facebook Page:


For non-emergencies call (607) 257-1011

In a modern facility across the street, the fire department prides itself on its 2-3 minute response times for sending out the trucks and/or the Emergency Medical Systems vehicle. Education is a priority with the firefighters, and a recent trip to the local elementary school brought comments from bright-eyed third graders such as “if you are stuck in a fire, you go to the window and yell HELP;” firefighters “hug you to protect you from falling metal and wood;” and don’t go back for pets because “your cat will get out of the house before you!”

The Fire Department is located in the Ronald E. Anderson Fire Station, 194 Pleasant Grove Road. Fire Chief George Tamborelle may be contacted at 266-7454. The Cayuga Heights Volunteer Fire Department also provides 24-hour emergency medical assistance and light rescue service. The Rescue Squad is trained and equipped to provide basic and advanced life support by New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.

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For more information about the Village of Cayuga Heights Fire Department (CHFD), or to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit the Cayuga Heights Voluntary Fire Department's independant website HERE.

Please take a look at the Cornell Chronicle article about our Volunteer Firefighters through this link.