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Two Special Board of Trustees Meetings in October

There will be a special Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, October 2nd at 7 PM in Marcham Hall to continue the Trustees’ discussion of the proposed new zoning ordinance.  This discussion will be the only item on our agenda, other than approving a few late vouchers.  There will be no other reports or “privilege of the floor.” 

The Board has discovered that reviewing the proposed zoning ordinance is a lot like renovating a kitchen.  You think it will take a month, the contractor says two months and it actually takes four months.  We thought an hour or so at each of the summer Board of Trustees meetings would be sufficient, but realized we needed to extend our discussion to the September meeting.  At almost 11 PM we knew we could not finish our discussion that night.

Our plan is to conclude our discussion on October 2nd and incorporate all of our changes by the time of our regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, October 16th.  Assuming all goes as planned, on October 16th we will schedule a public hearing to take place at another special meeting of the Board on Monday, October 30th.  We will post the revised zoning ordinance on our website. If we cannot meet this schedule, we will post a new schedule on our website.  As with a new kitchen, we will be living with this zoning ordinance for a long time, and we want to get it right.

There will be a Public Works committee meeting at 1 PM on Thursday, October 12 in Marcham Hall to discuss issues related to the Cayuga Heights Waste Water Treatment plant.  This will be a Board of Trustees meeting because Trustees beyond the regular committee will participate, constituting a quorum.

The draft of the zoning ordinance can be found here.