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Meter Leak Detection with Bolton Point AMI Meters

Bolton Point recently installed a new Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.  The new AMI meters allow for increased meter reading accuracy, timely meter readings and an alert system for spikes in usage. 

The usage alert system is in place to help Bolton Point provide increased customer support.  Continuous water usage must occur for 24 hours before an alert is sent from the water meter to Bolton Point.  While Bolton Point is not staffed to act as a monitoring system for every metered account or to address every alert as soon as it occurs, staff does investigate alerts and customers are then notified of high usage and POTENTIAL leaks when possible.  Alert notifications do not happen within hours, but usually within days of a potential leak alert.  Before these meters, it may have been weeks or even months before an increase in usage due to a leak was detected.

For example, before the new AMI meters, if a person is away and a pipe burst, Bolton Point would have no way of knowing and neither would the customer until the next scheduled quarterly reading.  With the AMI meters, Bolton Point will receive an alert from the AMI system after 24 hours of increased use and investigate as time allows to inform the owner in an attempt to address the problem.    

Of course, this all depends on the information you, the customer, have given Bolton Point.  If staff cannot reach you, they cannot get permission to address the problem. Bolton Point cannot turn the water of because they do not know how each customer uses water at their property (heating equipment, home healthcare equipment, etc.).  Turning the water off without contacting the property owner could cause significant damage to the property's interior systems or equipment. 

The Village of Cayuga Heights purchases water from Bolton Point.  Water and Sewer bills are based upon water consumption, whether or not that water actually goes into the sewer system.  You will be charged for this water.  

  • Turn water off when you are away for extended periods of time, especially in the winter when temperatures can drop well below freezing and cause pipes to freeze and burst.
  • Update your contact information with Bolton Point at their website - or by phone 607-277-0660.  If they do not have an accurate phone number or email address, they cannot inform you of a usage alert. 
  • Bolton Point is not a monitoring company, but they will help when they are able.