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Dispose of Your Recyclables Properly

You've probably been seeing news stories about China's decision to stop accepting recycled plastic from the USA, and how that will be creating a crisis for plastic waste disposal.  Here in Tompkins County, we are fortunate in that we have contracted with a domestic purchaser of our recycled plastics.  However, our purchaser is picky about what it will accept, and will reject recycled plastic that contains non-plastic waste that exceeds a certain percentage.  So, if residents don't rinse food waste and dirt from their plastic recycling, the County will recycle it, but the purchaser will not accept it.  Recycled plastics that are rejected must go to landfill - and that defeats the entire purpose of recycling! 

Please urge your constituents to rinse their plastics well before putting them out on the curb.  Also, please advise them that the County has issued new recycling guidelines, which can be found at  For more information, constituents may contact Tompkins County Recycling and Materials Management at 273-6632.