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Is Your Sump Pump Illegal?

Did you know that some sump pumps are illegal?  Sump pump systems are designed to combat moisture and flooding issues in the basement and crawl spaces by capturing subsurface or groundwater and pump it away from the house.   The basic sump system may include drain tiles, a sump pit, a sump pump, a float or switch, and a drain line.  The drain line should direct sump water out of your home and onto your yard or into the main storm line, not into the sanitary sewer line.  Discharging a sump pump into the Village's sanitary sewer system is illegal and can cause the Village problems, especially at the Wastewater Sewer Treatment Plant.

The sewer system is not designed to handle increased volumes of water from stormwater, surface water, and groundwater since it is not necessary to treat this type of water.  When an excess amount of water enters into the system, our sewer treatment facility can become overloaded and has to compensate by using more chemicals and energy to treat the water.  This tends to happen with large rain events and during Spring melt.  If the Village and its residents can reduce the amount of stormwater that goes into the Wastewater Sewer Treatment Plant, it can impact the cost of operation by lowering the quantity of chemicals being used and the amount of electricity that is needed to run the plant.    

Your help in eliminating unauthorized connections is needed.  If you have any questions, would like to review your connection, or schedule a free inspection, please contact the Public Works Department 607-257-1238 ext. 104.