Planning Board


Chair, Fred Cowett

          - Gillespie, Graham
          - Leijonhufvud, Jenny
          - Segelken, Roger
          -Quaroni, Elaine (alternate)

The Village of Cayuga Heights Planning Board meets as needed on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in Marcham Hall. These meetings are open to the public and all interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The Planning Board is comprised of five voting members and one alternate member with staggered five year terms.  All members are Village residents with varied backgrounds who serve in a volunteer capacity.  The Board is generally responsible for planning and land-use related matters in the Village, and more specifically for site plan review of proposed new development, subdivisions, and change in property use, consideration of special use permits, and conducting most environmental reviews under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).  It was also responsible for drafting the Village’s current Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in January, 2014.

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Planning Board Documents, Meeting Minutes& Agenda

The Next Planning Board Meeting Date:
August 28, 2017
7:00 PM, Marcham Hall

For all other meeting dates held at Marcham Hall please refer to the Village Calendar.

Agenda will be posted as soon as available. Minutes will be posted after they have been approved by the Planning Board, which is typically during the next regular meeting. If you would like to request a copy of draft minutes, please inquire to

To view our current list of Meeting Minutes and Agenda's please refer to the table below. Click on   to download documents in PDF format.

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Click here to view the July 24, 2017 Agenda

Meeting Minutes & Agenda

Date Name Agenda Minutes
07-24-17 July, 2017
06-26-17 June, 2017
05-22-17 May, 2017
04-24-17 April, 2017
03-27-17 March, 2017
01-23-17 January, 2017
11-28-16 November, 2016
10-24-16 October, 2016
09-26-16 September, 2016
08-30-16 August Special Mtg, 2016
08-22-16 August, 2016
07-25-16 July, 2016
06-27-16 June, 2016
05-23-16 May, 2016
04-25-16 April, 2016
03-28-16 March, 2016
01-19-16 January, 2016
11-23-15 November, 2015
10-26-15 October, 2015
09-28-15 September, 2015
08-24-15 August, 2015
04-27-15 April, 2015

For past documents, minutes and agendas click here.

Planning Board Documents

Date Name Village Report Other
07-24-17 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
06-26-17 620 Cayuga Heights Rd
05-22-17 620 Cayuga Heights Rd
03-27-17 903 Hanshaw Rd
01-11-17 1010 Triphammer Rd
11-21-16 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
09-22-16 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
08-08-16 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
07-26-16 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
05-23-16 1010 Triphammer Rd
04-21-16 1001 Highland Rd
03-25-16 1001 Highland Rd
03-24-16 Corners Community Shopping Center Medical Office Building
11-13-15 105 Berkshire Road
09-16-15 520 Wyckoff Road
04-21-15 Kendal at Ithaca

For past reports, minutes and agendas click here.

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