RaNic requests Planning Development Zone

We have received an official online permit application form, requesting a Planning Development Zone for a 7.19 acre portion of the Ranic property that is delineated by the Tompkins County Assessment Tax Map 10-5-5. To view the submitted documents check out the “RaNic – Planning Development Zone” page under Projects.

The Rationale for PDZ is a written narrative document that is intended to provide information that is required to be considered by the Trustees when determining whether the project is a benefit to the community, not just a benefit to the applicant. This document follows the numbers topics that are identified within the Zoning Section 305-43D. I have made no attempt to evaluate any of the specific responses, but multiple revisions have been made to address comments by Village staff/officials. This will be the primary document that the Trustees need to “accept” prior to moving forward with the specific details of the proposed RaNic Zoning District.

The applicant has also provided a draft of the zoning language that would potentially be added to the Village’s Zoning Code. In this document, there are details about such aspects of the district as:

           -permitted uses

-size and quantity of the elements that they are looking to develop such as number of dwelling units, number of hotel rooms, number of cabins, etc. 

-types of buildings

-architectural features


These details are intended to become guidance to the Planning Board in the future to evaluate the appropriateness of the project details during the subsequent Site Plan Review process.

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