Tree cutting in the Village being done by a third-party contractor assisting NYSEG.

The Cayuga Heights Police Department would like to notify residents of tree cutting being done by a third party contractor assisting NYSEG.  

Per the contractor: “notification was provided to all customers that would have had tree work done on their property; either via a direct conversation between the notification person and the resident, or a ‘door knocker’ with standard language that would allow the residents to respond back if they are not available at the time of the notification.” 

Also, per the contractor, chipping debris or branches may be left on your property, as residents have requested to retain the material for fire wood in the past.  If you do not wish to retain the wood that has been left behind, feel free to contact NYSEG directly to advise them that you would like it removed.  

The Cayuga Heights Police Department has no information regarding the removal timeline. All questions pertaining to the removal should be directed to NYSEG

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