Request for Proposal: CHFD Roof Replacement

Cayuga Heights Fire Department Roof Replacement and Gutter Relining

Village of Cayuga Heights Fire Department

Posted date:  January 19,2023

Due date: March 1, 2023

Estimated Award Date: March 15, 2023

The Village of Cayuga Heights is seeking a roofing contractor to replace the roof and reline gutters at the Cayuga Heights Fire Department, 194 Pleasant Grove Road, Ithaca NY  14850. 

Successful bidders will at a minimum perform the following work (collectively, the “Work”), as applicable in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  1. Remove existing roofing material down to original decking on entire roof.  All material must be removed from property and properly disposed of in accordance with applicable environmental law and regulation. 
  2. Install synthetic underlayment to meet NYS building code. 
  3. Install 6’ ice and water shield
  4. Install appropriate 30-year shingles as approved by the Village
  5. Install rubber roofing on all areas where there is existing rubber roofing
  6. Install ODE edges on all eaves and rakes
  7. Install ridge ventilation
  8. Replace all pipe flanges and wall flashing
  9. Reline all existing gutters with rubber roofing material
  10. All other required work considered standard procedure to complete the successful installation of roof and gutters that is not mentioned above should be factored in and noted in the proposal (i.e. any need for wood replacement, etc).   

General Conditions Continued:

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