Teamwork at it’s finest: Flagpole Receives new Halyard

If you happened to be passing by Marcham Hall today, January 17th around 1pm, you would have seen Firetruck E1 front and center. Those who were watching saw a great display of teamwork between our Fire Chief George Tamborelle, Police Sergeant James Manning and DPW’s Sr. Motor Equipment Operator, Rick Arsenault. The task was to replace the old and fraying Halyard on the Hall’s flagpole with a new one. The firetruck, operated by Chief Tamborelle, was the right tool for the job, giving Rick the ability to climb to the top of the flagpole to make the switch. All in all the job was done in about 15 minutes and the flag was raised again by Police Sergeant Manning. Thank you to this team for taking such good care of our Official Village Buildings!

The New Halyard ready to be attached. Sergeant Manning holding one end on the ground and Rick Arsenault ready to climb the ladder to the top of the flagpole.
Raising the Flag again. The task completed.
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