Renwick Brook Culvert Project

The culvert that conveys the Renwick Brook under Cayuga Heights Road is in need of repair/replacement (especially the outlet side below CHR). In 2023 we attempted to seek a grant from NYSDOT through the Culvert-NY program, but were not successful. Since this project site is located along the Cayuga Heights Road Sidewalk Project, we anticipated undertaking this project without the benefit of a grant, but we are pleasantly surprised when NYSDOT announced another round of applications for 2024.

TG Miller is again working on this application form for us. They have adjusted the estimated construction cost so that the total construction budget is currently $1,111,000 with a total project budget of $1,500,000. The Culvert-NY program will reimburse the Village for 100% of the total project cost.

Construction Easement
Construction Estimate
Application to Bridge NY

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