Weekly Collection Schedule by Street

Tuesday Refuse Collection

Thursday Refuse Collection

Berkshire Road
Cayuga Heights Road
Cayuga Park Cirlce
Cayuga Park Road
Comstock Road (103-219)
Corson Place
Devon Road
Hampton Road
Hanshaw Road (103-211 & 409-608 & 840)
Highgate Place
Highgate Road
Highland Park Lane
Highland Road (except 305-325)
Iroquois Road (108-110)
Kline Road
Klinewoods Road (101-207)
Lenox Road
North Sunset Drive
Parkway Place
Remington Road
Remington Road East
Strawberry Lane
Sunset Drive
Sunset Park
The Parkway
Tyler Road
Upland Road East (109-119)
Upland Road West
Wyckoff Road (903)

Brook Lane
Burleigh Drive
Cambridge Place
Comstock Road (303-316)
Country Club Road
Deerborn Place
Forest Drive
Hanshaw Road (706-825 & 903-1011)
Highland Road (305-325)
Hillside Drive
Iroquois Place
Iroquois Road (207-310)
Kelvin Place
Kline Road (420-511)
Klinewoods Road
Lexington Drive (102-126)
Lisa Place
Lowell Place
Midway Road
North Triphammer Road
Northway Road
Oak Hill Place
Oak Hill Road
Overlook Road
Pleasant Grove Lane
Pleasant Grove Road
Randolph Road
Sheldon Road
Simsbury Drive
Spruce Lane
Texas Lane
Triphammer Lane
Triphammer Road (202-820 & 901-1111)
Upland Road East (202-412)
Warwick Place
Westview Lane
White Park Place
White Park Road
Winthrop Drive
Winthrop Place
Wyckoff Road (505-701)

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