Final Draft Completed for Property Maintenance Law

A task force has been assembled containing residents and trustees to lead the discussion about local law concerning property maintenance. The Village has always had property maintenance laws, however with the popularity of “No Mow May” and Pollinator Gardens on the rise everywhere it was felt necessary to update the law. There is absolutely an appreciation for the conviction behind these new trends, as far as environmental impacts are concerned. The trustees think, however, that without some guidelines there will be those who take advantage or those who are genuinely confused about what is and what is not allowed in the Village. Therefore the task force has been working on language for a new local law that will take these concerns into account.

Update 4.5.24: After one final committee meeting the draft for proposed local law has be completed. Please click the link and check it out. There will be a public hearing at the next board meeting on April 17th where the board will be seeking public commit. Plan to attend or tune in via zoom.

Proposed Local Law B of 2024

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